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Cape Town Experience

Cape Town Experience

An experience down the Political memory lane of South Africa which sets of with a 11.5km [7 mile] boat trip from Victoria & Albert Waterfront to Robben Island taking about 4 hrs, including the trip there and back, as well as a guided tour of the Island.

Robben Island is a Historical Gold Mine with its history dating back to a hospital for people with leprosy, and the mentally and chronically ill (1846-1931). A Training and defence station in World War II (1939-1945). Robben Island was also used as a prison for political prisoners and convicted criminals from 1961 until 1991.

The Highlight of this experience is a comprehensive tour of this prison where South Africa’s former president Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years.

You will enrich your life with the colourful history of Cape Town with a visit to the District Six Museum as well as the heart of Cape Town Company Gardens originally laid out in 1652 by Jan van Riebeeck. It was proclaimed for public use in 1848 and is abutted by numerous important landmarks, including the lodge house for the slaves who built large parts of the historic city, the present day Houses of Parliament, the Iziko SA Museum and Planetarium, St George's Cathedral (which is the seat of the Anglican church in SA), the National Library of SA, the SA National Gallery, the Great Synagogue and Holocaust Centre and Tuynhuys, which is used by the President on State occasions.

We will visit The Slave Lodge where in one of the oldest buildings in Cape Town you could explore the long history of slavery in South Africa under the umbrella theme, 'From human wrongs to human rights'.

You will also experience Green Market Square where you will encounter the electrifying mixture of craft and Art, textiles and jewellery as well as an array of traditional African Art and beadwork.

By now you would have just wet your appetite for more, but the daylight will be fading and this is certainly not and experience to miss when you visit our Mother City Cape Town. However you could always follow up with our other Cape Town Experiences.